Private Services

Private dentistry allows us to offer you options for your dental treatment that cover a variety of more cosmetic problems. 

These are often treatment options that are not available on the NHS, this allows you to have the full choice from a range of varying treatments designed to be perfect for YOU. 

One thing you can be sure of with us is that you will never be 'sold to', we aim to provide the highest quality dentistry, but first and foremost, it has to be right for you. So you get great quality, provided for you at our own pace. 

Price is often a point of discussion, so to be completely honest and open with you here is a selection of our most popular treatment options. You'll see that your crowns come in 'standard' and 'Advanced' varieties, this again is to provide you with more choice about which private dental treatment is right for you and your budget, of course a full description of all of these services will be provided to you before you commit to anything at the dental practice.


Selection of Private Option Fees

Tooth coloured Fillings As a cosmetic option for fillings in your back teeth you may be interested in having these placed in a tooth coloured material which matches the colour of your tooth. These can restore your tooth to look like an unfilled, natural tooth. Pricing of these is dependent on the size of the filling. From £30 up to £100

Tooth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments. It is safe fast and effective way to boost your smile and your confidence  Whitening home kit – take home tooth whitening system Upper and Lower £250


We offer 2 types of cosmetic crowns, both allow us to use great Laboratories and technicians to create a bespoke smile for you Whether it is matching just 1 tooth or a smile makeover Citrus cosmetic crowns deliver great smiles.  

Standard Cosmetic Crown A metal and porcelain cosmetic crown made by the most experienced technicians in our laboratory of choice. Custom shaded and shaped to match your smile beautifully From £250

Advanced Cosmetic Crown Using the most up to date all porcelain technology to avoid the dark lines that you frequently see around traditional crowns. Your investment in cosmetic dentistry is backed by an Unprecedented 5 year guarantee against breakage.From £300                        

Cosmetic Veneers Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are custom-created and fitted to the front of the teeth. They are tooth-coloured to give a natural appearance and are used as a solution for chipped, worn, stained or crooked teeth From £360

Orthodontics For adults or late teenagers we offer a number of orthodontic treatment options. Our cosmetic braces will help you to achieve a straighter smile.From £1300