We are delighted to offer a full range of NHS Services to all patients. We are proud of our continued commitment to providing quality NHS care.



NHS Treatments


NHS prices are set by the Scottish government and are the same for every NHS dentist in Scotland.

Fees as of November 2023

Treatment Patient charge

Check-up (examination)


Check-up and preventive advice (which can include a scale and polish if deemed necessary)


Two small X-rays


One large X-ray of teeth and jaws


Course of oral hygiene and deep gum cleaning (over 1-4 separate appointments)

£32.24 to


Small white filling (front tooth)


Small metal filling (back tooth)


Large metal filling (back tooth)


Root canal treatment

£94.96 to


Additional fee for a re-root canal treatment


Single crown (for those 17 years or over only)

£149.24 to


Simple extraction (per tooth)


Surgical/complex extraction (per tooth)

£55.12 to


Complete upper and lower set of dentures



NHS treatment is free for:

  • Everyone aged under 26
  • People who are pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months
  • Those with a certificated exemption from patient charge because of income or receipt of a certain benefit.

You can find further information with the below link:

Dental treatment - NHS Scotland (nhsinform.scot)


Paying for NHS treatment

We ask that treatment is paid for on the day of your appointment. The dentist will let you know how much your next visit should be, so you will know in advance.  We accept payments in cash and most major debit/credit cards.